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7Hz Research - Our showreel: Some examples of our recent work

Our showreel: Some examples of our recent work

Here are a few recent examples of our work. We do have other projects running at the moment but all our work carries a mutual non-disclosure agreement until it's released for public viewing by the commissioning producer.

This brief was to create a score the fit with an existing edit. Directions included "Up beat electronic with a cinematic edge. A slow but powerful start for the introduction of the characters, a racey section for the driving and something uplifting for the prize-giving and end sequence."

Produced by: JWT Dubai
Music by: 7Hz Research

This director wanted a score that echoed the 'mystery man' theme of the plot and conveyed feelings of aspirational luxury.

Director: Richard Morgan
Produced by: MorganFilms
Music by: 7Hz Research

This piece was composed 'blind' with only a little insight into it's intended use.

The director wanted something to help reinforce feelings of speed and competition.

The original piece was much longer and contained several pace and thematic changes.

Director: Thomas Karklins
Produced by: Thomas Karklins
Music by: 7Hz Research

This is an uncommissioned piece written in response to an article about the fatal accident that occurred during a training run on board NASA'a AS-204 - later to be renamed 'Apollo I'.

Written as a test score for a short film about a boy who, while playing with his sister, hides in a barn and over-hears something sinister.

Curated by Timo Arnall, this is a collection of video clips demonstrating how computer systems view and understand the world around them.

Director: Timo Arnall
Produced by: ElasticSpace
Music by: 7Hz Research

An uncommissioned piece with no real intent, this was picked up by a video producer to use in a promo video for Griffith College Dublin.

A small multimedia startup in the late 1990's commissioned a sonic brand to accompany their logo

Director: Andrew Martin
Produced by: AG Media
Music by: 7Hz Research